Here are some testimonials from our happy customers


"Big thanks to Matt for your great work on Hunter's first grooming session. We took him to meet his breeder at the Spaniel Club show and unexpectedly he was shown in the ring.

He won Best Puppy of Breed. Doesn't he look handsome.

Thank you"

Brenda, Mark and Hunter Stevenson


"Bruno (Bruni) is a Bichon/Poodle cross, he is eight months old and is the first dog in our family and, as you can imagine, we “love him heaps!!!"

When we were looking for a groomer we wanted someone who would care for Bruno as much as we do. Matt was that person, not only did Bruno look absolutely superb when he was groomed but he was also extremely settled and happy when we collected him.

I am thrilled we have such a good groomer and I would recommend Matt to anyone for grooming their dog."

"I was delighted when I picked up Romeo our 18 month old Cavoodle from City Dogs – he looked so fabulous as Matt managed to groom him perfectly avoiding the over coiffured look! He smelt so nice and had a good trim of the nails – overall we are thrilled as its been hard to find the perfect groomer.

Great city location and parking too.

Romeo seemed really happy to so we definitely will be back for more pampering."

Marco, Gretl & Andrea Barzotto

"It has taken me a few days to reply but I wanted to say that we love what Matt did, it was exactly what I asked for and she seemed to enjoy her time and I heard she was the perfect 1st groom. I will of course be referring City Dogs heaps and we will bring her back soon. I will send a postcard shortly as well…before and after.

Thank you kindly and see you soon.



"Happy dog, happy owner!"

"Reading the Ponsonby News, I saw a photograph of Matt with some great lollipy doggy draped all over him looking like they belonged together forever. It was such a loving and playful shot, I paused to read the story. And my life and Fleur's (my wee bichon frise) was changed for ever. I loved taking her to him, she loved going. She'd come out looking just right, I'm not a fan of the "boffy" head, and Matt got it right every time! I sent all my friends who have dogs to him, because of his kindness and his efficiency...he just does the best work and does it in the time he quotes. Truly I'm so grateful I found him. Fleur used to shake going to other groomers and and in some cases so did I, there are some true horror stories out there. So finding Matt was really a gift, for all of us. Here's what I'd like to finish with...you made a difference Matt, to the experience of owning a dog, you made it simple and joyful and a pleasure to know you and do business with you. My very best to you, Rosalind Murray-Kendall

Muffin and Checker, our Bichon Maltese x's have been visiting City Dogs for 18 months. We love using Matt as the dogs always run in to greet him. I'm sure they enjoy the nice surroundings where they can runaround and play in a very safe and comfortable environment. We find Matt easy to talk to and he offers good advice. They always come home looking amazing. We have recommended City Dogs to quite a few others."

Craig And Anthea Turner

"Since moving to the area, we have been taking our two cocker-spaniels, Harry and Sophie, to Matt at City Dogs for their regular groom. Without exception, Matt has been excellent - providing well-priced grooming with great results. Both Harry and Sophie feel comfortable with Matt and come away happy dogs! "

Tim and Gabrielle Hamilton